Top tips to make your budget go further!

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Upcycling needn’t just apply to revamping old furniture, it can apply to your marketing strategy too.

Repurposing content will be hugely beneficial to small businesses or brands and companies with limited budgets and resources. Repurposing PR material with a multi-channel marketing strategy, helps to make your investment and efforts go further.

If you’ve taken the time and effort to create something then make it work! Extend the value! It’s about creating added value and making one angle go further to really spread the word.

Example scenario: You’ve once again achieved huge results with a client and want to shout about it!

First up, draft a press release announcing your achievements and send it to your local business media. But also consider sending it to any relevant trade publications. Don’t just leave it at that – ask for the other options. Is it just going in print? Will they put it on their website? Do they have social media channels they can promote it on, and tag your profiles in? Do they have an e-newsletter you can be included in? There can be many options, you just need to ask.

Then, use the press release as a news story on your website/blog. Once you have the link, or once the story is live on another website (it’s best to link to your own site though and boost your traffic), post it on your social media pages and engage with people talking about the story.

Next, produce a case study outlining your relationship with the client to give some history, then some information on the situation before shouting about the results. Again, make sure the case study goes on your website and social media.

Another dimension to consider incorporating is an email campaign. If you have an email database, utilise the case study and press release for content for the next issue of your newsletter. Think about utilising photography and video too, and pull out key points and quotes into graphics to demonstrate the results and bring it all to life. Content like that works brilliantly on social media so it all comes full circle!

Ask your client to share the content too to really extend the reach. It all helps build relationships and SEO, whilst showcasing just how brilliant you are which is sure to help with winning new business.

It’s not just for new news though!

You needn’t wait until you have something new to be talking about. As well as maximising the reach of news posts, repurposing is great for breathing life into old content. If it worked well once, and was worth spending time creating back in the day, dig it out, refresh it and use it again! Look back through your analytics and see what performed well previously to help you select what to repurpose.

Content can easily be missed – it’s nothing to do with the quality, it’s a saturated marketplace online so it can easily happen. Repost, capture people and build your reach.

However, do NOT just use the same piece word for word. Not only is that boring and not going to entice people fed up with seeing the same thing, but you will also be penalised by Google for replicating content which will impact on your ranking in the search results. Repurposing does not mean replicating, it will still need a refresh and editing to be relevant to the channel and audience.

As ever, always have a plan. To have the best impact possible, incorporate all of these points into your marketing strategy so that everything is timed and part of building the bigger picture!

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