The importance of media relations

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The importance of media relations

Any PR agency is only as good as its network. You can have all the creative ideas in the world but if you don’t know the people to pass them onto then you’re stuck.

PR is about relationships. Relationships for a brand with its customers and audiences, but also the relationships between its people and its third parties, namely its PR people and the media.

Our previous blog discussed the decline of newspaper circulations, what this means for PR and how it has resulted in new networks of digital journalists, bloggers and influencers. But print media still has its place.

At the end of last year, Johnston Press was put up for sale announcing debts of £220 million and going into administration. As one of main players in newspapers, this was a sure sign of the state of print media.

However, by comparison, there are also signs of growth and innovation within the market. In our blog we said that things have to evolve to embrace the situation, which is exactly what has happened. Facebook has since announced that it will be donating £4.5million to support 80 local newspapers in the UK  to keep the industry thriving and ensure there is a constant output of quality content. This is a two year pilot aimed at training community journalists with applications opening soon. It’s sure to have an impact so we’ll be keeping an eye out for updates!