#InstaReality: The truth behind what you see online

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#InstaReality:  The truth behind what you see online


When it comes to online content it’s safe to say that most things should be taken with a pinch of salt – particularly when it comes to social media. Images are most likely to have been heavily edited and manipulated to create the perfect look.

For brands that needn’t be a negative thing, but it is a more hotly contested issue when it comes to celebrities and influencers. From home and lifestyle bloggers who hide piles of clutter and create a fake sense of perfection, and celebrities who take endless photos before selecting the best pic to post, which then might appear as a natural “caught off guard” moment, in reality that’s far from the truth. Something which this brilliant video from @SketchShe sums up.

Following #Instasham makes interesting viewing too!

This is nothing new though. The advertising industry has been doing this for years, long before photoshop, filters and editing apps, and there are plenty of tricks of the trade employed to make food in adverts look far more appealing than what is served up. Click here to see more