Our Ace Media digital newsrooms are open!

a blank computer screen, plant and coffee cup sat upon a white desk

Journalism is not for the faint-hearted. Anyone who has ever worked in the media world will know just how fast-paced things are, with trends emerging and evolving in the blink of an eye, deadlines looming, and an ever-expanding media landscape to keep up with. And with many editorial teams working across multiple titles nowadays, we understand that journalists are often spinning several plates at once.

Our job is to make it as easy as possible for our key contacts to get the information they need, quickly and efficiently. Because of this, we love anything that makes communicating with the media more effective – and our latest “toy” does just that!  

Ace Media is a platform designed by PR professionals and journalists, for PR professionals and journalists.

The concept is simple, yet extremely effective. Every brand we look after has its own dedicated digital press room, featuring the latest news releases, advice pieces, image look books, videos and more.

Any content a journalist might want is collated in one place, so that they can dip in and grab material whenever it is needed. It’s time to say goodbye to WeTransfer links or searching through an overflowing inbox for that press release! Working at the weekend or out of “normal” office hours? No problem – it’s all there waiting to be downloaded whenever you need it!

Trust us, Ace Media is a total game-changer!

It doesn’t just make life easier for journalists, too – it’s also ideal for increasing our clients’ digital presence and boosting that all-important SEO. So everybody is a winner!

Our clients’ newsrooms are now up and running, and we’ll be keeping them updated weekly with the latest launches, stories and content, so check them out below:



Billy Goat

CJ Wildlife

Cobra Garden Machinery



Hillier Garden Centres and Nurseries


Oxenwood Furniture


Town & Country

Wilkinson Sword