Helping CJ Wildlife to give a million birds a home this winter

Helping CJ Wildlife at Honest Communications, a specialist garden and home PR agency, social media management, content creation and communications agency

It’ll come as no surprise that we love wildlife and nature here at Honest. Whether it’s getting our fingers green in the garden, going for a stomp in the great outdoors (did you know we’re taking part in the Wildlife Trust’s #BigWildWalk next week!), or feeding the birds, and any other friendly animals that pop in our gardens.

So when our wonderful client, wildlife expert brand CJ Wildlife, asked us to help launch their nest box week campaign, you can imagine how excited we were!

What is next box week?

You may have heard many reports in the news recently that bird populations across the UK are struggling. Many natural nesting sites are disappearing and food sources are becoming scarce, meaning many of our most common and much-loved native species are battling to survive, let alone thrive.

That’s why CJ Wildlife has pledged to provide a home for half a million birds across Europe this winter, and it is calling on us, the Great British public, to become wildlife heroes and help out our local birds!

With winter around the corner, our feathered friends will soon face cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions, making it vital they find a safe space over the coming months to rest and shelter.

Helping CJ Wildlife at Honest Communications, a specialist garden and home PR agency, social media management, content creation and communications agency

But isn’t next box week in spring time?

While many wildlife lovers consider early spring the key time to hang a nest box ahead of nesting season, it’s actually autumn that is the ideal time to provide a home for birds. That’s because most birds are seeking a suitable place to roost in adverse weather and on cold nights, as well as shelter from predators. Which is why CJ Wildlife chose this week to highlight the issue.

Many birds will also return to the same box for nesting the following spring, so putting up a box as early as possible this season will help them establish the garden as a safe and welcoming space.

How we got the media behind nest box week

To get the British media talking about nest box week, we worked with the lovely CJ Wildlife team to help spread the word and their mission, to encourage as many people as possible to get behind the initiative.

Activity included everything from a traditional launch press release, pitching interview opportunities with the CJ Wildlife  team, media outreach showcasing CJ Wildlife’s extensive range of nest boxes, including the Woodstone® range, and media gifting to key target titles.

We also worked closely with CJ Wildlife partner, bird expert and influencer David Lindo, also known as The Urban Birder, to collate top tips on how to choose the perfect nest box and where best to hang it in your outdoor space, offering his expert advice to the media.

Over on social media throughout Next Box Week, CJ Wildlife has been giving away a nest box a day, as well as a whole host of bird care advice and related content on the website too.

And with the coverage already flying in, CJ Wildlife will soon be on its way to giving a home to half a million birds this winter!

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