A ‘wild’ week of walking for Honest

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Last week, the Honest team booted up for The Big Wildlife Walk 2022 – raising money for The Wildlife Trust. The aim of the week was to not only get out and about and enjoy the crisp, fresh Autumn air but to also remind ourselves of the incredible nature around us and see what lovely wildlife we could spot on our travels. A whopping 30km was expected to be walked from each of us throughout the week, and the Honest team did not disappoint! To make things more interesting, we created a leaderboard to see who could walk the furthest, and the results were impressive, to say the least with the team clocking up 218.4 km between us!

Being in the office did not stop us either, thanks to our very trusty (and well-loved) desk treadmill, which meant we could get out steps in and work towards the target distance while keeping to business as usual. The week was different however for Leanne, who spent her time on annual leave, meaning that she could get out and about a lot more than us who were in the office. Some might call that cheating… but who are we to say… Her week was mainly spent taking her dog Max out and about around the Derbyshire area, some incredible content was captured in Markeaton Park. Thanks, Leanne! Meanwhile, Beth encountered lots of lovely wildlife when discovering a new walking trail through her local area – not forgetting the many furry friends she spotted en route.

The hard work did not stop there for the team, even when the workday was over, we would all get our boots (or trainers) on and get out and about on an evening before it got dark. Hollie went on a lovely walk around Nottingham’s arboretum and spotted many squirrels, who were surprisingly very tame and friendly. Wildlife spotting was a great success all around for the team: squirrels, swans, geese, and deer were spotted to name a few.

On Thursday, the Honest team hit the road and headed to Allestree Park, Derby’s prime location for all things wildlife and will soon be the UK’s largest rewilding site. We were gifted a range of Town & Country boots from Ian at our client, EP Barrus – thanks for those Ian, they went down a treat! The walk was spent chit-chatting our way through Allestree’s 320 acres of land spotting all things nature surrounded by lakes, conkers, and swans. We stopped for a bird-spotting break before capturing some content in our lovely Town & Country boots (Emma put her photography skills to the test with an impressive one footed photographing/modelling multitasking set up) where we came across a very interesting-looking mushroom that looked like it came straight out of a fairy tale. After a couple of laps around the park, the team all went their separate ways, and the race towards hitting that 30km target continued.

The week ended with the team walking here, there, and everywhere around Nottingham and Derby. Hollie headed to Nottingham’s Wollaton Park where she spotted the famous deer. Fay and Holly made things even more exciting by giving various castles a visit. Fay visited Kenilworth castle, whereas Holly went to Elvaston castle – both made for stunning photos. Great work team!

As the week ended, the team was eager to see who the busiest bee had been and had reached that 30km goal. Just like the Honest values of going above and beyond, Leanne did just that! She smashed the target by walking an incredible 45.62km. following closely behind in second place was Holly who walked (and ran as she is training for her 10km run in a few weeks) an impressive 40km – fantastic work both!

As fun as the week was, it’s important to remember why we decided to take part. The team managed to raise a fantastic £155 for the Wildlife Trust, calling for the protection of at least 30% of our land and sea by 2030. As a whole, the week was enjoyed by everyone, we really did enjoy getting out and about and seeing the many beauties that Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire had to offer, whilst also doing our bit for an incredible cause.