Clean Living.
Helping a sustainable start-up raise brand awareness and educate consumers.

Print reach of 12.2 million

Over 260 pieces of coverage

10 best buy listings

Glamour Wellness Award for “Best Eco Hero”

At Honest, sustainable living is at the heart of our ethos as an agency, and how we live our everyday lives. We love brands that are doing their bit to protect our planet, one product at a time. When we started working with the now multi-award-winning, eco-friendly cleaning brand, Clean Living International, we were tasked with not only raising awareness of the brand and its products, but also raising awareness of why consumers should ditch the toxic chemicals in their cleaning cupboards in place of an eco-friendly alternative.

We devised a PR and media relations campaign to:

  • Generate media coverage, reviews and awardsto raise brand awareness, increase reach and showcase Clean Living’s products
  • Educate consumers on the damage many cleaning products have on the environment and our health
  • Position Clean Living as an expert in the eco-cleaning space through expert advice and top tips

Brand Voice

Our first step was to establish who Clean Living was and what the company stands for. To do this we ran a brand voice workshop with the full team to help nail down the brand’s personality, beliefs and key messaging, after which we created full brand voice guidelines to set the tone for all future communications, both internally in the business and externally in the media.

Product Gifting

From there, we set about planning and delivering an extensive PR strategy to build Clean Living’s media presence, reputation and brand awareness. We knew that we had to get the products in the hands of journalists for them to see first-hand just how powerful they are, all without containing any chemicals, so we began media and influencer outreach to gift Clean Living’s bestselling Complete Cleaning Kit to key contacts. Clean Living products soon began appearing in the media, both in print and online, in features, reviews and best buy listings!

Media Relations

As well as media gifting and product reviews, we secured competitions, entered products for awards, continued pitching products for relevant placements and features in top target titles, and issued press releases to shout about new product launches.

Advice Pieces

As well as reactive media commentary, we also crafted monthly advice pieces to position the brand as an authority figure in the cleaning space, offering consumers practical top tips to help them get a sparkling clean home, while reducing their impact on the environment. We focused on everything from seasonal topics, such as sustainable spring cleaning swaps and how to make your Christmas greener, to specific tips for the bathroom, kitchen and living room, and a focus on the science behind the formulations.

Fast forward three years, and Clean Living International is now a market-leading eco-cleaning brand, that has appeared in countless top target titles, from glossy lifestyle mags to national newspapers.

With over 260 pieces of coverage and a print reach of over 12.2 million, Clean Living has been featured in the likes of Red magazine, Ideal Home, The Guardian, Woman & Home, Good Housekeeping, Your Home, Health & Wellbeing – the list goes on!

It’s also been listed in ten esteemed best buy listings, including The Independent’s Indy Best Buys and the Evening Standard’s ES Best.

What’s more, we’ve also secured a plethora of accolades and awards, including the Glamour Wellness Awards, the Veggie Awards, The Beauty Shortlist and the Lux Life Awards.

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