BASF Turf.

Telling the stories of a passionate audience – and doubling results in the process

On track for double the coverage achieved in 2023 than last year

Coverage in Turf Matters, Pitch Care, LAPU, Golf Business + more!

Engagement rate of 1.5% on Twitter

A passionate and engaged audience – excited to tell their stories!

It’s not enough for us that we provide great results for our clients every year, or that they are happy with what we do. We are constantly striving to be better and do better – and BASF Turf is absolutely no exception.  

BASF Turf offers a portfolio of products, such as herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, biological solutions, colourants and turf nutrients, that support professional turf management services. Its users usually fall into the categories of greenskeepers, superintendents, amenity managers, agronomists and technical experts – a passionate audience that we know as ‘turfies’.  

Our challenge was to engage this audience with compelling, interesting content month after month, while ensuring that our results stayed consistent, or even grew! 

  • To increase the awareness of BASF Turf products for the target market by generating coverage in leading trade publications 
  • To use this content in diverse ways, to maximise time spent and ROI for the client 
  • To engage a passionate audience with content they really care about 

We noticed the community spirit and passion of ‘turfies’ across Twitter and decided to tell the stories of this previously untapped audience – talented greenskeepers, course managers and more who use BASF Turf’s products.  

As soon as we reached out to our first couple of ‘turfies’ on Twitter, we experienced an immediate positivity and appetite from them for this type of content. We even started to put a call out for stories on the social media platform, which inevitably resulted in people contacting us wanting to expound the benefits of the BASF Turf products they use. Before we knew it, a stream of content was coming our way – and we were more than happy to use it! 

We identify willing participants who have a fantastic story to tell, hold interviews and coordinate imagery, before drafting their story into a full case study or feature. Not only did we then pitch these ‘turfy’ case studies to trade publications, we also began to use their quotes on Twitter – where the engagement just grew and grew.  

We have found that ‘turfies’ are so proud of what they do that we barely have to ask them for feedback, they are all too happy to give it and tell everyone just how they achieve their amazing results. 

A few months in, we can confidently say that our strategy is a resounding success.  

BASF Turf’s engagement rate on Twitter currently sits at around 1.5% (for reference, anything over 1% for a brand is considered excellent!), with that rate most definitely bolstered by the case studies and testimonials we have shared.  

So far this year we have progressed 11 of these stories, with coverage appearing in trade titles such as Turf Matters, Pitch Care, Landscape and Amenity, Golf Business News, Landscape and Urban Design, Turf Pro and many more. 

Not only that but our coverage for BASF Turf is set to hit double the amount we achieved last year – a number our client was already more than satisfied with!  

But the achievement that makes us happiest is being able to tell the stories of ‘turfies’ all over the country – all who are delighted to talk about the incredible results they’ve achieved with BASF Turf’s products, and who form one of the most passionate, dedicated and talented communities we’ve ever worked with. They are supportive of each other, always willing to boost others and are happy to share the details of the products that help them achieve the fantastic results that they do. Great for them and doubly great for us! 

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