The secret to securing PR coverage? Strong media relations!

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The secret to securing PR coverage? Strong media relations!

Many businesses struggle to understand exactly what PR is, and what PR professionals actually do on a daily basis can be nothing short of a mystery to some. Getting coverage for clients is as simple as sending out a blanket email with a press release and some product images, right? Wrong!

Good media relations are the bread and butter of any PR agency – without it, achieving results for our clients is simply impossible. But building these all-important relations takes time – in fact, it takes years of creating contacts and nurturing relationships with editors and journalists. That’s why us PRs treasure our little black book of media contacts!

So, how do we go about building media relations and how can it help your brand?

The secret to strong media relations

There’s no denying that this takes time! PR professionals will tell you that it takes years of working in the industry (and some of us here at Honest have more years’ experience than we might like to admit!) to identify key contacts, create relationships and maintain communication week in, week out.

The media landscape is always changing, too so it requires time and dedication to keep in touch with journalists regularly, whether it’s dropping them a quick email, having a catch-up call, popping some goodies in the post or even meeting for a coffee (less so during the last couple of years, of course!).

These regular check ins help build a mutually beneficial relationship, and importantly, keep Honest Communications and the brands we work with front of mind and abreast of all the latest features.

Here at Honest, we also have a dedicated media list day every month, where every member of the agency downs tools and spends the day refreshing our media lists, finding new people to talk to, and looking into the latest movers and shakers at key titles. This makes sure that, as well as strengthening our existing relationships, we’re always forging new ones and getting your products in front of the right people.

How strong media relations help your brand

This work all means that when a journalist is after something, be it a last minute comment or an image request, they know that we’re here and that can provide information or imagery at the drop of a hat! That means that if they have a feature to fill or need an expert’s advice, your brand is top of their list.

Journalists also receive hundreds of emails from PRs every day, so when they see our name in the sea of emails that is their inbox, they know that we have something interesting to say.

Again, that means your brand doesn’t get ignored and is most likely to be selected for their features, whether we’re pitching for product placements, offering expert advice or thought leadership, or sharing the latest news.

Not only that, but strong relationships allow us to work with journalists to increase their knowledge on your brand and its offering, so when they do talk about your products it’s always in a way that builds credibility and authenticity with their readers. After all, that’s what you want from coverage!

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