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Why digital audio content, and podcasts specifically, should be considered for every marketing strategy.

We are thrilled to announce that Honest Communications is continuing its relationship with the Plant Based Podcast for its second series (which launched this week) to continue to help raise awareness of the podcast and to offer PR support.

But, if that wasn’t exciting enough, it gets better! Michael and Ellen from the Plant Based Podcast have joined forces with another of our Honest clients and this series will now be brought to you in partnership with Vegepod. They all have a shared love of plants and a passion for doing things differently so we can’t wait to get stuck in!

This comes at a time when podcasts are seemingly more popular than ever. A recent study by Dax, Global’s digital audio exchange, found that 7.6 million people listen to podcasts every week in the UK, which is up 25% on last year. It also found that 85% of advertisers will increase the level which they invest in digital audio in the next year, so Vegepod has chosen wisely!

The joy of podcasts, particularly from an advertising point of view, is that a brand can be associated with quality, authentic content that is, more often than not, created by passionate people wanting to share something they love. Advertising in a podcast also means the campaign can be tailored to the exact lifestyle and interests of the listener whilst being associated with being part of a community – it’s an incredibly effective way to reach and target listeners.

It has also been reported that “people who listen to podcasts spend significantly more in all areas than those who do not” so podcasts can offer a prime media space for brands and advertisers wanting to reach their customers.

Want to know more about incorporating digital audio and podcasts into your strategy? Get in touch!

To listen to the new series of the Plant Based Podcast, (brought to you in partnership with the lovely people at Vegepod!!) click here (opens in Spotify)

The full Dax report has some really interesting findings about digital audio and the growth of it – definitely worth a read! Take a look here