PR and social media: Why they should go hand in hand

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PR is the reigning supreme when it comes to traditional means of getting your brand seen, but harnessing social media alongside it creates a powerhouse strategy that bolsters brand awareness!

It’s no secret that social media has completely transformed the way we communicate and connect with others. As individuals, we share our interests and experiences with friends and followers, and businesses have harnessed these platforms to connect with customers and grow their brand. When PR and social media join forces, you can catapult your brand by strengthening key messages, increasing campaign effectiveness and building a strong multi-platform brand presence.

Here’s just a few reasons why a joint PR and social strategy is the perfect blend!

Help your message go further

Sharing or directing your followers to coverage, case studies and any other PR activity on social media is an effective way of making it go further to increase its longevity and reach. Plus, sharing it directly to socials means that you can be sure that you’re putting it in front of people who are interested in what your brand says and does. It’s also a nice way of showing your followers what you’re up to elsewhere, and helps to build credibility and authority.


Drive more traffic to your website

PR is great for raising awareness of your brand, products and messages, whether it’s in a press release, product review or a feature in a glossy magazine, but getting people to your website from there is the tricky bit. That’s where social media comes in. You can share relevant content with your followers via your profile, whether it’s a new collection you’ve talked about in your latest press release or a campaign you’re running, and then add in links that lead back to your website!

Traffic driving adverts are also a great way of increasing exposure too. You can put as much budget as you like behind them and, with the right copy and message, can create a buzz around your brand whilst pushing traffic to your site.

Build better SEO

If you’re looking to improve your SEO, having an online PR presence is crucial. Search engines will look at your digital footprint when they generate results. Linking content to your website will also help to build a better authority to your website, which will help you to rank higher when people search for similar topics. So the more back links and digital content you can have out there, the better!

Adding a link to your website in digital features can provide great results in terms of SEO, but pushing it out on social too can boost your rank even more, meaning more people are likely to find you.


Establish stronger media connections

With advancements in social media, most journalists have now turned to creating their own digital profiles where they share their interests and articles so you can see if they’re the people you should be talking to or not! It’s also a simple and easy way to start relationships with them, and building meaningful contacts that can help increase your exposure as they’ll be talking to the people that are your ideal audience.


If you’re looking for help to elevate your brand, with PR and social media, email to see how our PR and social media services can help!