Nostalgic Spotify ads, and Burger King and McDonalds unite for the day. The best campaigns we’ve seen for a while!

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Spotify recently raised smiles and triggered memories across the country with its latest ad campaign.

The fantastic ‘Listen Like You Used To’ campaign cleverly combined trends and cultural references from years gone by with the same from today, highlighting that whilst life has changed, classic songs still remain. And that fashions come back around, but with a modern-day twist!

Absolute copywriting ingenuity at its best! Our favourite?

“1983. UB40. Red Red Wine

2019. You be forty. Red red wine”

Click here to read more and see further examples.

Another company that recently triggered the feel good was Burger King. Usually the rivalry between Burger King and McDonalds is fierce, but Burger King recently actively encourages its customers to go to McDonald instead. On 16th September, McDonalds donated $2 from every Big Mac and other signature burger sold to their fundraising campaign, Children With Cancer. On this day, Burger King told its customers to go to its rival to help raise more funds for the charity. A spectacular move which helped raise money for a very worthwhile cause, and also gained Burger King many extra PR brownie points.

Whilst, we’re discussing campaigns that have made headlines recently…

A new edition of Monopoly got launched last month, to very mixed reviews. Ms. Monopoly, the special edition “feminist” version, gave female players more money than male. Rightly so, it faced backlash for implying that women couldn’t make their own way without handouts and preferential treatment… The less said on that one the better.