Interior trends we’re loving so far this year

Interior trends we’re loving so far this year - a blog by Honest Communications, a home PR agency, social media management, content creation and more

It’s not just the gardening media we’re familiar with, we also know what’s going on in the world of homes and interiors too!  Through regularly working with key contacts in this sector, we’ve got a great grasp on the interiors world, which helps us to identify new opportunities for our clients.  We also love finding out about what’s trending in the world of interiors, as it helps with our own home decorating!

Here, we take a look at some of the current trends and what the homes and interiors media is going wild for.  

‘Slow living’ and wellness design

Promoting wellness continues to be a huge trend for 2023, with a real focus on designing a living space to promote self-care and creating a relaxing haven to unwind in and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. The core of ‘wellness design’, as it has been coined, is crafting a space so that it connects with the homeowner and creates a sense of ease. With many people now combining work-life with home-life, it’s essential that spaces are designed to not only ignite creativity and motivation, but also as the perfect space to switch off at the end of a long working day.

It’s tricky to strike the right balance, but House Beautiful and Better Homes and Gardens suggest opting for natural materials such as rustic wood tabletops, hardwood floors and rattan accessories to help create a greater sense of relaxation in any living space.

Lighting is also an essential element in creating a well-balanced living space as it’s a great mood booster and can lower stress levels. Warm ceiling lighting and freestanding lamps help to create a calming atmosphere which, when accompanied by a candle or two, will transform any space into a calming retreat!


Bring the outdoors in with earthy green tones

Connecting the outdoors with interior design always strikes a beautiful balance, and this idea of increasing a connection to the natural environment through design and indoor planting is known as biophilic design. Biophilic design links with the wellness trend, as it is centred around creating a space that promotes well-being through natural surroundings. A simple way to inject an element of biophilia into your home is through colour, and one that we’re   frequently seeing all over Instagram and Pinterest is sage. When paired with houseplants like monstera,  this soft, natural shade creates a calm and creative space.

Gold accents and accessories

The perfect companion for any green colourway is gold, with the combination transforming any living space into adecadent area. Influencer and designer Justina Blakeney is a huge fan of combining the two colourways, and her Instagram account (stacking up an impressive 545,000 followers) frequently showcases her green bathroom and kitchen accompanied with gold taps and door handles. Justine comments how glimpses of gold tones perfectly balance the earthy green tones and really makes the house shine! We’ve seen more and more articles about green tones (sage in particular) cropping up in the homes and interior world from titles such as Homes & Gardens and Ideal Home and we can see why! Adding gold to any green space can really help to brighten the area and give it a new lease of life.- and we love it!


Stripping things back with a sense of class is exactly what the ‘micro-luxury’ trend is all about. In a recent article with Good Housekeeping, style expert and designer Ursula Carmona stated that creating a glamorous home in 2023 will be more affordable and achievable with the ‘micro luxury trend’. Characterised by combining soft textures, shapes and colours, it aims to create a sense of airiness and light.  Influencer Elisabeth_heier is also a big fan of the trend, with many of her Instagram posts showcasing her flawlessly designed home that adopts the micro luxury trend. Each room has the perfect balance of open spaces and bold, luxurious statement pieces, steering away from a cluttered space. It’s quite clear to see why this trend is here to stay for 2023 as it makes luxury-living accessible to all.

With interior design trends constantly evolving, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve if you want to stay relevant. By incorporating these trends into any expert commentary and inspiration guides, brands can elevate their profiles and make themselves useful to the media by showcasing their expertise based on what designers and influencers are loving.

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