Influencer campaigns: A PR agency’s perspective

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PR in 2023 is so much more than drafting and issuing a press release to a few select titles to gain those all-important column inches. Thankfully, nowadays, PR involves many different types of activities and objectives, whether it’s securing backlinks, pitching for TV and radio interviews, offering expert advice, product placement, and anything in between.

There’s no denying, though, that influencer marketing is now a key part of any brand’s PR strategy, and whether brands like it or not (and there is still some cynicism around how effective influencer marketing is!) the impact of a well-planned and executed influencer campaign can be massive.

As a PR agency, we receive dozens of emails from influencers every week hoping to work with some of the many wonderful brands we work with, but more often than not, these pitches don’t quite hit the mark.

So, what is it that influencers need to include in their emails to really make themselves stand out above the rest out there in social media land?

Be brand specific

All agencies work with a wide range of brands (we’re lucky enough to work with some of the best-loved brands in the home and garden world!), so sending a generic email to an agency is likely to be perceived as a blanket email that many agencies have received in the hope that a PR person bites.

Instead, personalise your email to that agency. If you have your eye on a brand that the agency represents, make it clear! Tell us why you love that company, which products you love and why your personal brand aligns with that of the company in question. Perhaps you feel as strongly about rewilding as Seedball, or are as mad about birds as CJ Wildlife. Demonstrating that you have done some research and have a passion for the products will go a long way. If you already have an idea of the content or campaign you’d like to produce, even better!

Tell your story

There are millions of influencers out there nowadays, and in our industry alone, there are hundreds of gardening gurus and interiors experts. So what makes you unique? Include a brief biography about yourself – don’t just expect PR agencies to already know who you are or to find you on Instagram. Tell us about your story and the journey that led you to where you are today to help paint a picture of you and make us believe in your brand.

Remember to include what platforms you and your community are most active on – are you a TikToker or an Instagrammer? Perhaps you prefer a vlog on YouTube, or a good old-fashioned written blog? This will help us ensure that the channels you are most active on align with the brand’s objectives. Tell us about your audience – any insight into demographics is invaluable!

Don’t forget the detail

Of course, we also need to know the nitty gritty! The number of followers an account has is a key stat (so definitely include that!), but don’t forget to go beyond that top-line level. PR people and influencers alike know that an account could have hundreds of thousands of followers, but engagement might be as flat as a pancake. Likewise, an account may have a smaller following, but those individuals may be loyal fans who hang on every post! Dive deep into your engagement. Beyond your average engagement rate, how many likes, shares, and saves do your posts receive on average?

It’s also useful to include a few examples of your previous works in similar spaces. Had a recent campaign in the gardening world that flew? Tell us about it! Just be mindful that you haven’t worked with (or are still working with!) any direct competitors of the brand you’re interested in – that wouldn’t be a good move!

And last but not least, don’t forget to include your rate card. This will help PR teams establish from the off whether brands have the budget to work with you, and will save all parties valuable time.

If you’re an influencer looking to work with one of our brands, or likewise, your brand would like to work with influencers but you just don’t know where to start, we can help! Say hello by emailing