How to create authentic and engaging copy with P2P

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I’m sure you’ve heard of B2B and B2C, but have you ever heard of P2P communication?

Let me tell you a secret – P2P is the key to writing authentic and engaging copy.

So… what is it? P2P is simply writing person-to-person.

It’s the idea that good copywriting is imagining human beings at both ends of every piece of writing – you want to write like a person (not a robot!) and appeal to real people! This means ditching the confusing jargon, overly complicated words, and stripping it back to easily understood content so every reader understands the message you’re really trying to get across. Heads-up, if you’re not doing this, you’re going to be losing the interest of your audience.

The definition of P2P has evolved over the last twenty years. Originally, it was in reference to literal person-to-person communication without a mediator e.g. direct messenger or a phone call. The rapid development of technology has changed the way we communicate with each other, but also how brands communicate with consumers. There’s been a clear rise in direct communication from brands to consumers, such as email newsletters and social media. Where brands used to be limited to communicating to the masses through advertisements or broadcasters, there are now many channels to communicate directly.

However, long gone are the days when you could get away with formulaic, robotic copy. Brands are now expected to inject personality into their communication and demonstrate their values in every piece of copy. In fact, around 89% of shoppers are reported to be staying loyal to brands that share their values.

This also demonstrates that consumers are turning away from companies that are just a logo, and instead favouring those with consistent communication style, beliefs, and charisma. It’s understandable! Imagine you are listening to a speech; you are more likely to switch off from a dull, monotone voice, and remember the engaging speech filled with easy-to-understand language and relatable anecdotes.

Brands such as Ryanair and Aldi have been noted for doing this well. Both companies are active on Twitter, communicating directly with customers, personally replying to tweets, sharing memes, and starting conversations. They are asserting themselves as funny, relatable, and current, using social media to bridge the gap between brand and customer.

While it might not be appropriate for every brand to be sharing memes and adopting a jokey tone, what both Ryanair and Aldi have understood is the power of speaking to the audience as individuals rather than a collective. And this approach is powerful when used in every piece of writing.

So how can this be put into practice?

1.      From internal emails to big-budget campaigns, try to envisage who will be reading it. This helps to create more authentic, engaging, and compelling storytelling by removing the idea of an undefined crowd and instead focusing on the individual you may be communicating with.

2.     Read your copy out loud and ask yourself: would you speak like that in real life? Does it sound awkward, clunky, or difficult to read? If so – change it!

3.     Clichés can easily slip into work. While they sound fun, think about what they mean and why you are using them. Use them sparingly and thoughtfully, and back them up with facts.

4.     Avoid using unnecessary and confusing jargon. This can alienate readers and be exhausting to understand. Simplify wherever possible.

These are just a few examples of copywriting P2P tips. Here at Honest, our mission is to always keep audiences in mind, writing people-to-people in every press release, blog, and social media post that we craft.

If you’re struggling to successfully connect with your audiences and express your values, we can help you can nail P2P.

To help brands with this process, we run Brand Voice workshops, that help you discover your brand voice, define your message, and then create clear and coherent communication strategies. We also look at what’s working (and not working) in your competitor’s comms and voice – and who doesn’t love a nosey at what your competitors are up to!

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Let’s make 2023 the year of P2P.