The Honest Communications’ Communications process

Working with Honest Communications couldn’t be easier! We’ve broken down the Honest Communications’ communications process down into five simple steps so you know exactly how we work.

Step 1
Meeting – we’ll get to know you, your brand and your objectives. Be honest about what you want and we’ll be honest about what we can deliver!

Step 2
Strategy – we’ll give you our honest feedback about how we think we can help. We’ll recommend our approach and the channels you require. Is it PR? Social Media? Advertising? Or a combination?

Step 3
Planning – we’ll produce strategic messaging and planning documentation. You’ll receive a full calendar plan of what activity will be completed and when, and most importantly the intended outcome.

Step 4
Implementation – we put the plans in place! We will go above and beyond to ensure your brand is positioned exactly where you want it to be.

Step 5
Reporting, analysis, learning and evolving – you will receive detailed reports outlining all activity and its results. But we don’t stop there! We then fully analyse all results to ensure everything is going to plan. We learn from this and evolve future activity based upon this to ensure we always get the best results!

The best thing? We do all of this fueled by a constant stream of biscuits and we’re happy to share. Who’s for a hobnob? Get in touch to discuss how Honest Communications can help you!