Cultivating Connections: Our visit to the Garden Press Event 2024

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In the busy world of public relations, staying ahead means immersing ourselves in the latest trends, innovations, and conversations with our clients and their industries. That’s why we love it when Garden Press Event time comes around each year! It’s such a unique opportunity to speak to the great and the good in the world of gardening, horticulture, and outdoor living, all under one roof, and it’s a sign that Spring is nearly here!

As the doors opened to visitors at 9am, we arrived bright and breezy ahead of time to get our bearings and catch up with our exhibiting clients before the press arrived.  We noticed that this year the place filled up really quickly, and was soon buzzing with excitement as exhibitors showcased their newest products, from innovative gardening tools to eco-friendly planting solutions.

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We were pleased to see that the talks that were introduced last year remained a feature, so one of the first stops on our agenda was the “Collaboration and Innovation Zone,” where sustainability and the love of nature took centre stage. It was really exciting to hear Emma Crawforth and Lucy Chamberlain share a sneak peek of this year’s BBC Gardeners’ World Live – another one of our favourite events! The New Product area is always a highlight, so we took the time to peruse what was on display. We saw that, as we suspected would be the case, there was an array of eco-conscious solutions, including plant pots made from coffee, eco-friendly wellies, and composting systems designed for urban dwellers, as the appetite for sustainable living solutions continues to grow.

Unearthing Trends and Insights

Speaking of which, trends for the upcoming season are always a huge focus at the event, and throughout the day we had lots of insightful chats with industry experts, exhibitors, the media and influencers about how we see the year ahead panning out. As always, we got some great insights, and unearthed emerging trends that are set to shape the gardening landscape in 2024.

What we have seen for a while now is that sustainability is going nowhere, and both the media and consumers are able to sniff out a spot of greenwashing from a mile off! Brands are increasingly having to live and breathe sustainable practices and products and being insincere or cynical about it simply won’t cut it anymore.

Another notable trend that caught our attention was the growing interest in “mindful gardening.” With an increasing focus on mental health and well-being, many gardeners are seeking ways to connect with nature on a deeper level, and there’s a rising demand for spaces and products that promote relaxation, reflection, and mindfulness.

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Planting Seeds of Collaboration

As always, The Garden Press Event also provided an invaluable opportunity to strengthen relationships with the media and influencers, while cultivating new partnerships within the industry. It was great to be able to speak face to face with people that we chat to from behind our screens on a weekly basis! We were also able to get some direct feedback about our brand-new Honest Network – which has been a huge hit with content creators and influencers so far! Watch this space for updates!

After a long, but thoroughly enjoyable day, we left the Garden Press Event feeling invigorated and inspired. As always, we were buzzing with ideas, our notebooks filled with contacts, and our enthusiasm at 100%! Next stop was St Pancras Wetherspoons for a debrief and celebratory pint!

A week on, we’ve been busy getting in touch with everyone we spoke to, arranging product samples to be sent out, talking about future collaborations and planning out how to make the most of the event and all of the conversations we had for our clients. As always, Garden Press Event wasn’t just a showcase of products; it was a celebration of creativity, passion, and innovation. It’s a reminder of the profound impact that gardens and green spaces have on our lives and the boundless opportunities they offer for storytelling and engagement.

As a PR agency committed to helping our clients thrive in an ever-evolving landscape, we’re always excited to leverage the insights gained from the Garden Press Event to craft compelling narratives, forge meaningful connections, and cultivate success in the world of gardening and outdoor living. Until next year’s event, we’ll continue to nurture these seeds of inspiration and watch them bloom into beautiful stories!

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