Charlie’s first two weeks at Honest

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Hello – Charlie here, the newest addition to the Honest team!

I’ve just finished my first two weeks in the new role, and I’ve already learnt so much about working in PR! Time has absolutely flown by in a flurry of introductions, meetings, and getting to know the team! Here’s an insight into how it went, and how I got here.

Let’s rewind to the start of September. Having just completed my Journalism degree at the University of Leeds, I was inspired by a work placement to dive headfirst into the world of PR. When I saw a job advert for PR and Social Media Account Executive at Honest, I knew I had to apply. Offering an entry level job, flexible working hours, a blend of work from home and in office, and even a treadmill desk in the office – it was exactly what I was looking for!

Not expecting an email back, much less an offer, I was elated to start a mere week after the interview took place. Goodbye temping, hello Honest!

Week 1:

Squashing my new job jitters, the friendly team welcomed me in with open arms and many cups of tea. With many clients to get to know and systems to wrap my head around, the first week was a nice, detailed, introduction to different elements of day-to-day life at Honest.

I began completing research tasks, which helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the individual brands we work with. Research varied from tracking previous media mentions, to enquiring about potential story ideas. One thing’s for sure, I never knew there were so many magazines specialising in turf!

A highlight of the week was my first client meeting with the lovely Vivara team. ‘Client meeting’ conjured up thoughts of a formal meeting room, but I could not have been more wrong. In fact, we met at the unusual location of a Road Chef service station! As well as being halfway between offices, this allowed us to see the progress of the butterfly friendly boarder planted in a bid to encourage wildlife to thrive in unexpected places. It was fantastic to see such a unique campaign in action, and made me eager to work with Vivara on their next exciting venture.

Week 2:

The second week is where the real work began.

I was eased into writing my first few press releases for different brands, getting into the autumnal spirit. I began to understand the nuances in writing for different platforms, such as how to adapt a newsletter to a press release. Holly and Fay have both been extremely helpful and supportive, giving me lots of feedback and time to get used to this new style of writing. On the socials side, I got up to date with the schedule, checking in on the different accounts and familiarising myself with the individual needs of each client.

With the cold days drawing in, working from home for most of the week gave me a fresh appreciation for the cosy office. Time to turn the heating on, I think!

After two weeks, I am so pleased to be at Honest. It’s great to be working in such a varied job, with a wide range of tasks every day to keep busy with, and such friendly people. I’m looking forward to learning from everyone’s expertise, and kickstarting my career here!