Baby Bio.
Inspiring and educating a new wave of houseplant parents through expert advice with Baby Bio.

423 pieces of expert advice achieved

Viral “pencil trick” coined

Print reach of over 3.9 million

37 pieces of content created

Baby Bio has been feeding Britain’s houseplants for over 70 years, and is a much-loved, popular household name. Despite this, many consumers weren’t aware of Baby Bio’s extensive full range of houseplant care products, which includes specialist houseplant fertilisers, leaf shine, pest control solutions and drip feeders, as well as its new Organic Houseplant Food.

Our challenge was to raise awareness of the full product range, leveraging its rich heritage and years of experience in houseplant care to create meaningful content to inspire and educate houseplant enthusiasts.

  • Increase brand visibility and raise awareness of the product range
  • Position Baby Bio as the expert in all things houseplant care
  • Strengthen its reputation as the go-to trusted product for plant fertiliser
  • Inspire and educate consumers to care for their houseplants correctly
  • Reach a younger generation of houseplant parents

With a new generation of houseplant parents emerging in recent years, we identified a gap in the market to offer these relative newbies a range of practical expert advice, how-to’s, and tips and tricks, to help them care for their beloved leafy friends.

To do this we created a content series that was pitched to media, offering readers an in-depth guide to caring for different types of houseplants, from cacti and bonsai trees to citrus plants and orchids. Not only did this series help keep readers’ botanical beauties healthy and happy, but it also provided opportunity to subtly shine a light on Baby Bio’s extensive product range.

We conducted regular, targeted media outreach, offering exclusive advice to a range of titles, including key national newspapers, home and gardening magazines, and regional publications, with a particular focus on those with a younger readership to ensure we were reaching the brand’s new target audience, while remaining visible to those who have used Baby Bio products for many years.

Working closely with Baby Bio’s pro team, we also crafted seasonal advice, such as caring for poinsettias or Christmas cacti during the festive period, and reactive PR such as helping your houseplants survive the heatwave and how to keep them alive when you go on holiday, to ensure that our content was always relatable and timely.

In just one year, we created 37 pieces of content and secured a whopping 423 pieces of expert advice in key titles, including the Daily Express, Gardeningetc, Homes & Gardens, the Independent, Yours, Modern Gardens, Real Homes, and many more!

As part of our outreach, we coined the viral “pencil trick” to help readers check if their houseplants needed watering or not, which was shared across several national newspapers including the Mirror, the Daily Express and the Sun.

In total, coverage achieved a print reach of over 3.9 million, not to mention the many millions who turned to Baby Bio’s expert advice online, firmly positioning the brand as the absolute expert in houseplant care, boosting awareness of the product range and further increasing trust and reputation.

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