Building on all things home, interiors, and renovations at Grand Designs Live 

a person holding brochures in front of a sign saying 'welcome to grand designs live'

Here at Honest, we are always keen to learn more about, well, everything… But today’s learnings were all to do with houses, sustainable builds, and home renovations, because we put on our metaphorical hard hats, and popped to Grand Designs Live at the NEC! 

The event promised to feature all kinds of home inspiration and expert advice, and we weren’t disappointed! As we wandered down the (very vibrant) pink walkways, each inch of the hall offered stylish and practical interior designs or solutions, with friendly brands on hand to advise and chat about their products and services. 

With over 400 exhibitors, we had a lot to get around, as well as making sure we didn’t miss the expert talks on our hitlist. There was an array of industry experts due to take to the three main stages, so we were spoilt for choice. First on the agenda was a discussion between Kunle Barker and couple Joanna and Ben who were first-time self-builders with big ideas and a small budget. Their project was the star of the show in the Glasgow project edition of the series – we were all inspired to start planning our dream self-build! 

After the talk, we headed back to the exhibitors, this time spotting something very dear to Dani’s heart… flapjack, courtesy of a small business called The Flapjackery. While absolutely unrelated to Grand Designs, it was a welcome treat for all the team’s hard work of listening and absorbing all the wonderful insights and expertise around them. 

Flapjack bought, we continued to explore the hall, chatting to businesses about their products. We learned all about sustainable home improvements, such as the use of heat pumps – did you know that installing a heat pump could save you around £4500 a year on energy bills?! There were also some great innovative stalls, we loved ReFactory, a brand that turns ocean and household waste into new and bespoke materials.  

Events like Grand Designs Live are not only great for deeper learning about the home and design industry, but they also give us a fantastic opportunity to network and meet like-minded brands. As a growing agency, we’re on the lookout for new business ventures and collaboration opportunities, and events like this allow us to meet new faces and make new connections! 

Having spent a while chatting with new and old contacts and friends, we headed back to the train station and reflected on all the day’s learnings, as well as our newfound passion to build our own homes, and live even greener. 

Thanks Grand Designs, it was a great day!