Another week, another show!

A group of three people holding metal ladders in front of a floral RHS sign

Event season is most definitely in full swing, and last week we hit the road again to head to RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival. Not only was it the festival’s first official press day, but it was also our first outing with our newest client – leading ladder specialist, Henchman. And we were there for a very special reason – to launch its new range of fully adjustable tripod ladders to the market.

Henchman was founded in 1994 by father and son duo Mike and Tom Kitching, after a fall in the garden inspired Tom to create a safer ladder specifically designed for garden use, as part of a school project. And the rest, as they say, is history! Fast forward to present day, and Henchman has provided hundreds of thousands of home gardeners, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals with pioneering ladders, as well as organisations such as National Trust, Royal Households, and even the England Rugby team.

The new range, though, was Henchman’s first product launch in a decade, following extensive research and development using feedback from customers and the latest engineering innovations – so it was a big deal!

Joined by photographer and videographer Dan Lord, from Forecast Designs, we set off at the sprightly time of 5am for the long four-hour drive to Surrey. Upon arrival, we were greeted with all kinds of wonderful sights, smells and sounds, from showstopping garden displays and beautiful blooms, to the tuneful notes of live music and freshly brewed coffee (thank God for caffeine!).

With an ambitious shot list and a full reveal video to shoot, we wasted no time in getting to work. Andy the Hedge Barber joined us to star in front of the camera and talk viewers through the new design features each model offers, even tidying up the occasional stray branch from the surrounding site to get those all-important action shots.

In between shoots, we were joined by journalists and editors from key publications to check out the ladders, as well as a celebrity or two, including RHS royalty Mary Berry!

Another week, another show!

Another of our clients, the premium greenhouse manufacturer Cultivar Greenhouses, was also exhibiting at the festival, showcasing its new bespoke outdoor kitchen alongside one of its impressive Victorian greenhouses, complete with all kinds of homegrown fruit and veg inside. With a chef on hand ready to rustle up a spot of lunch for visitors, it’s safe to say that the irresistible smells of grilled meats attracted quite the crowd of celebs, who enjoyed taking a load off in Cultivar’s cosy seating area and bar.

Over in the ‘Shop and Drop’ area of the show, our client BASF was on hand to talk to visitors about organic pest control with its unique nematodes. Despite the drizzle, everybody was interested in learning more about how these mini but mighty microscopic creatures can help control pesky garden visitors, from slugs, ants, vine weevils and more!

And after all of that, we still managed to squeeze in time to explore the rest of the beautiful grounds and check out the brands exhibiting this year, before the drive back to the Midlands. Another show ticked off our calendar!