From catwalk to the garden

From the catwalk to the garden, and from jewellery designer to the stars to Instagram sensation, @SheGrowsVeg is on a mission to make gardening open to all. And we’re helping her to do it!

Lucy Start was once recognised as one of the rising stars of the fashion industry, and was the go to couture jewellery designer for the likes of Cheryl Cole, Kylie Minogue and Rihanna. Under her jewellery label, called Lucy Hutchings, she was featured in Vogue, included in Red magazine’s “30 under 30” list, and was recognised as one of the designers to watch by the Evening Standard.

But now, she is known by a different name. She Grows Veg.

Honest Communications has been working with Lucy to help raise her profile and take her message to the masses, and make gardening accessible to everyone. 

Lucy’s transformation story has seen her transition seamlessly from leading jewellery designer to Instagram sensation gaining almost 50,000 followers in less than a year.

Lucy has always found that gardening, in particular growing herbs and vegetables, has made her happy, which she took to the next level in 2018 by becoming a part of the vast Instagram gardening community. Her following rapidly grew due to her interest in rare and unusual edibles and seeds – much of the produce she grows is sourced from outside of the UK – something which her followers love!

“I focussed on something that really made me happy and started researching forgotten and unusual edibles and sourcing seeds from around the world.”

You don’t have to be a gardener to garden

Lucy is now taking the gardening world by storm by turning her design eye to all things edible gardening. She is a gardener on a mission and is launching a campaign to make gardening appealing to the Instagram generation, and to show that gardening doesn’t have to be a science drowning in overwhelming rules, rigid frameworks, how to guides, and latin names.


“I get daily messages from people saying they are daunted and don’t know what to do. Why should there be rules?! I want to remove that fear and tell people to just give it a go; what’s the worst that could happen!!”


Lucy, who alongside her social media prowess also works as a garden designer, is removing the stigma around gardening, making it accessible to everyone to show that anyone can get involved. 

Her ethos links back to her jewellery designing days as she believes gardening can be fun, creative and beautiful, no matter your skill level or background. And with an online following that is rapidly growing, there is clearly a demand for her approach.

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Media opportunities

Lucy is available for interviews, features, commentary, appearances, photography and how to guides. For further information, to arrange a feature or to discuss wider opportunities and enquiries, please get in touch!

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